What to Expect: Little Pillars

The following post is from Jenae Tegtmeier, one of our Little Pillars Leaders:

I'm sure there are lots of questions around what to expect as we move into Piedmont Park SDA as a temporary space for the next few months, especially pertaining to kids on Sunday morning. This post will hopefully answer most of your questions so that you're familiar with what to do for the kids on Sunday mornings in the new space.


For the most part, everything will function as usual. Wee Pillars (kids age 0-3) can be checked in before the service. Little Pillars (kids age 3-6) will be released prior to the sermon. As always, kids of all ages are also always welcome in the main sanctuary space.  

We will have a sign-in table and name tag station at the front of the hallway as you enter the building. The two classrooms are slightly down a side hallway but we'll have the sign-in table in the more visible spot at the front of the hallway. When in doubt, look for signage and smiling faces sitting at a pop-up table!


We will have two rooms for the kids. Wee Pillars (0-3) and Little Pillars (3-6). How you serve and what age group you're with will not change if you've been at Near South. For Northeast, be sure to reply to Hannah's survey about what age room you would like serve in now.

Please plan to arrive at 9:40 am on the Sundays that you serve. This will give the point people (Jenae, Stephanie, or Chelsea) time to give everyone a quick debrief on the rooms, what toys to use/not use, bathroom set up, etc. before the kids begin to arrive.

You'll begin to see schedule requests in Planning Center coming your way again soon. Please respond to these in a timely manner as we begin to build back up to being planned 2-3 months in advance.

Feel free to reach out to Jenae Tegtmeier or Stephanie Vadnais or Chelsea Bates with any questions!