What is Gospel DNA?

This 6-week class, which is a prerequisite for membership (though it is not reserved only for those who are pursuing membership), is intended to help Christians (and non-Christians) understand how the gospel shapes every aspect of life and conduct.

We require the Gospel DNA Class for membership in order to keep the DNA of 2 Pillars Church rooted in the gospel.

Is this class right for me?

The class is appropriate and relevant for a wide range of audiences including mature Christians, new Christians, and those who wouldn’t describe themselves as Christians at all.

Attendance at all sessions is required for those who plan to pursue membership. Special arrangements can be made in the case that you must miss a class, however.

When is it?

The Gospel DNA Class is typically held on Sunday mornings prior to our worship gatherings (8:15–9:45am).

For information about upcoming classes, please fill out the "Gospel DNA Sign-Up" form on this page.

What about my kids?

Childcare is typically provided for those attending the class. If you would like to make use of childcare, please respond accordingly on the"Gospel DNA Sign-Up" form.



Get Started

If you would like to sign up for Gospel DNA, click the button below and begin the application.