The Gospel

The "gospel" is the "good news" about Jesus.  


Good news only makes sense in light of bad news and so the gospel begins where the Scriptures begin, with God creating everything from nothing (including man) and declaring it "very good" and dwelling with His creation.


Things did not stay good, however, as Adam and Eve sinned bringing sin and death into the world. The Apostle Paul teaches us that through one man's sin (Adam's) all have sinned. We are therefore all born sinful.  Every single person in the world is sinful by both nature and choice.

Because we are sinful, and because sin cannot be tolerated in the presence of God, we are at odds with God - our good and perfect Creator.  Paul says we are as good as dead - we are dead men walking, deserving of wrath because of our sin.


The good news, however, is that while we were still sinners, Jesus Christ came to reconcile us to the God the Father by dying on the cross, in our place for our sins.  Jesus lived the perfect life that none of us has lived but are supposed to live and died the perfect death that all of us deserve to die because of our sin.

In dying on the cross for our sin, Jesus takes on our sin and imputes to us His righteousness.  Jesus' work on the cross therefore makes salvation available to us by grace through faith in Him.  The Bible clearly teaches that all who call on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved.  

We are justified (made right) with God by grace, through faith in Jesus. 

This is not our work but His work.  

We do not get ourselves right before God. We cannot. We need Jesus.  

Salvation comes in being made right with God by Jesus when we turn from sin and trust in Him as Lord and Savior.

Having died on the cross, Jesus also raised from the dead conquering Satan, sin, and death, and ascended into heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father reigning and ruling over everyone and everything.

When we are made right before God (justified), we are united with Jesus in His death and His resurrection which means we are given new life.  We are a new creation.


As new creations, we receive the Holy Spirit whom the risen and ascended Jesus sends to His believers giving us power and strength in this life as He continues to work change in our lives (sanctification) and we await the return of King Jesus when He will make all things new, rid the world finally and fully of sin, pain, and death, and dwell with His people once again.

Statement of Faith

We are partnered with the Acts 29 Network and out of agreement with and accountability to our network, adopt the Acts 29 Doctrinal Distinctives as our own and, likewise, hold to the Lausanne Covenant Statement of Faith