Good Friday and Easter Services

Good Friday

Make plans to join us on Good Friday (04/19) for a family-style service (no children's ministry) from 6:30–7:30pm. We'll continue our journey through Exodus, focusing on chapters 11 and 12 that evening—relating the tenth plague and passover to Christ's work for us on the cross.

Easter Sunday

In order to make room for everyone, we will be holding two services on Easter Sunday.  In addition to our normal, 10:00am service, we are adding an 8:30am service. This additional services is for Easter Sunday only.

Both services will be one-hour in length and will be family-style (no children's ministry).

Join Us

We look forward to remembering and celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection along with you!

And spread the word! This is a great time for you to consider inviting co-workers, neighbors, and family who may not have a church home but would be interested in attending a church service on Good Friday and/or Easter.

Weather Update for February 24

We WILL gather for worship tomorrow morning at our normal time (10am). The gathering will be family-style—no 2 Pillars Kids.

The final week of the “How to Read the Bible” class as well as the All Church Meeting have both been postponed until next Sunday, March 3.

If you are a scheduled volunteer, please feel no obligation to get here in time to serve—we have coordinated to make sure that we have all the major bases covered.

Stay safe, and we'll worship Jesus with you in the morning if you're able to make it.

By the Spirit: Exploring God's Indwelling Presence

BTS1 (1).jpg

Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do? How does He work and why does this matter? What difference does He make in my daily life?

For the next 8 weeks on Sunday mornings at 2 Pillars Church we’re going to be asking and wrestling with these questions.



As we get ready to start this series we want to acknowledge that we all have different understandings, backgrounds, questions, and experiences that shape how we enter into this.  Some of us, if we’re honest, we get a little nervous when we start to hear about the Holy Spirit.

Maybe you, or your family, or your friends… you’ve seen some things go terribly wrong. Perhaps you’ve seen Scripture abandoned or heard a preacher say something like, “God is speaking in a new way now!”  And the result is that you’ve got some wounds. Maybe some confusion. It’s difficult for you to figure out what’s real, what’s true.

For others, the Holy Spirit is like a far-off, distant third person of the Trinity.  And sure you might mention Him, vaguely, in passing with other Christians in the context of God-talk… but the whole concept of God the Holy Spirit, if you’re being truthful, is pretty ambiguous.  And the result is that the Holy Spirit doesn’t factor much into your daily life. You’re not really sure you need Him, and even though theologically you know He’s in you, you really don’t know what you’re supposed to do with Him.

For still others, the Holy Spirit isn’t far off and distant, because you’ve put Him in a box.  You’ve concluded what He can and cannot do. You think you’ve got Him all figured out.  You’ve read some books and so you know… what things He used to do but doesn’t any more. Maybe you’ve whittled Him down to His “primary work” and focus solely on that.

Or maybe you’re reading this and you’re actually still reading the reviews on Christianity—you’re not sure what to make of it all just yet—Jesus, the church, God.  You’re not really sure if it’s all real. And yet there’s a part of you that’s intrigued by this idea of the Holy Spirit… and another part of you that’s simultaneously weirded out.


At 2 Pillars, one of our core values is that “we embrace the mess.” We realize people within our body and visitors to our church are all over the place when it comes to the Holy Spirit. We embrace that.  

At the same time, another of our core values is that “we seek depth.”  We go deep. We search God’s Word. We wrestle with theology and don’t shy away from difficult topics because they're messy.

Regardless of where you fit in the above descriptions, we invite you to journey together with us for the next 8 weeks in our series, By the Spirit: Exploring God’s Indwelling Presence.  It’s our hope that as you do, you’ll come to a richer, fuller understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, what He does, and how that makes a difference in your life.


If you’re someone who likes to get in deeper than just Sunday morning sermons, we recommend reading one of the following two books alongside this series:

Both of these titles will be for sale in the Geneva House on Sunday mornings.

Good Friday and Easter at 2 Pillars

Good Friday and Easter are right around the corner and with 2 Pillars being in a season of transition, we wanted to post the details for our Good Friday and Easter worship gatherings here in one place!

Good Friday + Open House

This year's Good Friday service (March 30th) will be at our soon-to-be home at 40th and Sheridan (the Grace Chapel building).  

This will be a family-style service (no separate children's ministry) and will run from 6:30-7:30pm.  We invite everyone to stick around for a desserts and coffee reception afterwards and also to explore the building!  

Parking note: the parking lot at 40th and Sheridan is not huge.  Additional parking is available a couple of blocks north of the building (up 40th Street) in the Lincoln Southeast High School parking lot.  Please arrive early and park accordingly.


Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday service (April 1st) will indeed be at the Piedmont Park SDA building (48th and A) where we have been worshiping on Sunday mornings since January.

The service will run from 10am to roughly 11am and will be a family-style service (no children's ministry).

Paul Tripp Marriage Conference: March 16-17

One of our partner churches here in town through the Gospel Coalition, First Street Bible Church, is hosting a FREE re-broadcast of a Paul Tripp Marriage Conference titled "Marriage: What Did You Expect?"

Again, this is a FREE conference that will be going on here in town on Friday evening, March 16th and Saturday morning the 17th.  

You can find all of the details and information about how to register at the link below:

"Marriage: What Did You Expect?" - Details and Registration


By way of invitation, please see the below note from Pastor Robb Rexillius, one of the pastors at First Street:

"We want to invite you/your church families to come if they want/need to....and to invite their friends/co-workers who could use some gospel-centered teaching (outside of the normal Sunday worship service/Sunday School/small group contexts) to join them. We'd love for as many couples/families to benefit from it as possibly can."

Spring Calendar Updates

Copy of 2PCNS - Move & Merge (1).jpg

Grab your calendars! 2 Pillars has a lot going on over the next three months.

Here is a run-down of important dates and events (including the latest tentative details about moving into our new home at 40th & Sheridan): 

GOOD FRIDAY | 6:30pm at 40th & Sheridan

We’ll worship at 40th & Sheridan for Good Friday (March 30th). We’ll have our regular Good Friday service from 6:30-7:30pm. A dessert and coffee reception will follow, giving you an opportunity to explore the building.

EASTER SUNDAY | 10:00am at Piedmont Park SDA

We will gather on Easter Sunday at our usual time and (temporary) place. 


In light of our Good Friday plans outlined above, we’ve decided to cancel the Open House event we had scheduled for March 9.

MOVE-IN WEEK | First Week of May (tentative)

We’re tentatively set to get the keys to 40th & Sheridan on May 1st, which makes the week of May 1 “Move-in Week.” Stay tuned for details!

NIGHT OF PRAYER AND WORSHIP | May 11 (tentative)

Before we hold our first Sunday worship gathering at 40th & Sheridan we’d like to bathe the building in prayer and give our musicians a night to dial in our sound setup. On Friday, May 11th we’ll hold a Night of Prayer and Worship which will likely include a coffee and dessert reception as well.

FIRST SUNDAY AT 40TH & SHERIDAN | May 13 (tentative)

Assuming the above timeline remains intact, we’ll gather for our first Sunday worship gathering in our new home on May 13!


Parking at Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

Piedmont Park SDA Parking

This Sunday we'll be gathering for worship at Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church for the first time. This will be our temporary home on Sunday mornings until we move into our more permanent home at 40th and Sheridan this Spring. 

Parking at Piedmont Park is available in three different lots. In addition to the main church parking lot (green in map above), parking is available in the Bryan Hospital open parking lot to the Cotner side of the church (blue in the map above). Parking is also available in the lot by the Montessori School building across 48th Street to the west of the church building (orange in the map above).

If you are able, please consider parking across the street in the Montessori School or Bryan Hospital lots in order to reserve enough space in the main parking lot for guests, those with small children, latecomers, etc.

Finally, please keep the lanes to the north and south of the church clear except to unload. 

I'm looking forward to worshipping with you on Sunday. See you then!

Final Service at 15th and South + Help Moving

This Sunday, December 31st, will be our final service held at 15th and South.  It will also be our first Sunday morning of the recombined 2 Pillars Northeast and 2 Pillars Near South congregations!  A couple of reminders for Sunday:

  1. Service is at 10am
  2. We'll be worshiping Family Style (no children's ministry)

Lastly, at this point it looks like we'll be loading up all of our auditorium chairs on a moving truck immediately following the service.  We have a few other things that need to be loaded up and moved that day as well.  Please dress warm and plan to help for 30 minutes or so following the service.

We'll also need help unloading the chairs out at our storage location so if you can follow along to help on that end, it would be much appreciated too.

Christmas Eve Service Reminder

Silent Night 4_NS.jpg

Just a reminder that last Sunday was our final Sunday gathering as two separate congregations.  This Sunday, 12/24, there will be no morning services.

We will gather for our Christmas Eve service on that day from 6:30-7:30pm at the Near South building (15th and South).  Christmas Eve service will be family-style (i.e. no separate children's ministry).

Merry Christmas!

It's Official: Our Temporary Home


It's official, church!  We got the paperwork all signed today!

Beginning January 7th, 2018, we will be meeting at 10am on Sunday mornings at the Piedmont Park Seventh Day Adventist Church building located on the corner of 48th and A.  This will serve as the temporary Sunday home of 2 Pillars Church until we settle into our more permanent digs at 40th and Sheridan around Easter 2018.

Have you logged into The City in the past 9 months?

Earlier this week I posted about the launch of our new communication platform, coming this Monday. Along with this transition, we will be deactivating all ‘inactive’ City profiles.

Are you a City user?

Have you logged into The City in the past 9 months? 

If not (or if you aren’t sure), you might be at risk of having your account deactivated! If your account is deactivated, then it won't be transitioned over to Realm and you'll need to start over by creating a new account once it launches.

Please take a quick moment before this Sunday night at 10pm and log into The City. This will ensure that your account is not flagged as ‘inactive.

Our New Communication Platform Launches Next Week


One of the major challenges we’ve faced as we work to re-merge our congregations is our use of different communication platforms. Right now, 2 Pillars Near South uses a tool called The City while 2 Pillars Northeast uses Church Community Builder (CCB). 

This all changes next week as both congregations will be moving to a new platform called Realm

Don’t Miss Your Realm Invitation

Invitations to Realm will go out on Monday or Tuesday of next week. You’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this! 

Before then, please log into your City and/or CCB account and update your email address. This is the address to which your Realm invite will be sent, so make sure it’s an email account that you actually check regularly.

If you have both a City and CCB account, your invite will be sent to the address attached to your City account. 

A Note to City Users

Realm is a product from the same company that owns The City. Essentially, it’s a new platform that leverages what they’ve learned since they acquired The City from Zondervan in 2011 as well as features and functionality from some of their other products.  

When you log in for the first time, you’re going to notice that Realm has a familiar look and feel. I think you’ll find that most of what you’re looking for (messages, groups, giving, etc.) is, more or less, in the same place. There are many features that have been brought over from The City, some that didn’t make the cut, and still others that are completely new. I’ll do my best to highlight the most important changes over the next couple weeks.

One of the benefits of moving from The City to Realm is that much of our data will be automatically transferred over to Realm: profiles, family, groups (though discussion threads will not transfer), giving history, and online giving information (including recurring online giving). If you already have a City account, then setting up your Realm account will be very simple. 

A Note to CCB Users

If you’re a CCB user, I think you’ll find Realm to be a pleasant change. The interface is simple and intuitive and, unlike CCB which is built primarily for leaders, Realm is designed to serve the average church member and make communication with others simple and easy.  

Also, did I mention that Realm has a mobile app?!

Unfortunately, if you give online to 2 Pillars Northeast (through our provider,  Pushpay), your giving will not be automatically transferred. You’ll need to set up online giving through Realm after you create your account. We’ll post more information about this next week.

Finally, most of the groups that you are in on CCB will be replicated on Realm.

Stay Tuned

I’ll continue to post more information here about Realm over the next several days. 

I’ll also start a thread on both The City and CCB where you can post any questions that you might have. Please let me know there how we can help make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

Acts 29 and The Gospel Coalition Partnership

We are thrilled to announce the official partnership of two organizations that we are already a part of as a church: Acts 29 and The Gospel Coalition.


Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches, characterized by theological clarity, cultural engagement and missional innovation. Currently consisting of 676 churches in 11 networks around the world, it seeks to facilitate and catalyze church planting as congregations drill deep into their contexts and reach wide across the world to where Jesus is neither named nor known.


The Gospel Coalition is is a fellowship of evangelical churches in the Reformed tradition deeply committed to renewing their faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming their ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures. Amongst other activities it hosts a series of blogs, media and resources to help congregations achieve the same.

This partnership makes Acts 29 the primary church planting resource of The Gospel Coalition and brings together two organizations we are actively involved with and love!

For more on this partnership, check out the December 6th post on the Acts 29 blog (which will now be hosted on The Gospel Coalition site).

There is also a wonderful, long-form article on The Gospel Coalition site titled, "How Acts 29 Survived—and Thrived—After the Collapse of Mars Hill" that is worth the time to read.

What to Expect: Little Pillars

The following post is from Jenae Tegtmeier, one of our Little Pillars Leaders:

I'm sure there are lots of questions around what to expect as we move into Piedmont Park SDA as a temporary space for the next few months, especially pertaining to kids on Sunday morning. This post will hopefully answer most of your questions so that you're familiar with what to do for the kids on Sunday mornings in the new space.


For the most part, everything will function as usual. Wee Pillars (kids age 0-3) can be checked in before the service. Little Pillars (kids age 3-6) will be released prior to the sermon. As always, kids of all ages are also always welcome in the main sanctuary space.  

We will have a sign-in table and name tag station at the front of the hallway as you enter the building. The two classrooms are slightly down a side hallway but we'll have the sign-in table in the more visible spot at the front of the hallway. When in doubt, look for signage and smiling faces sitting at a pop-up table!


We will have two rooms for the kids. Wee Pillars (0-3) and Little Pillars (3-6). How you serve and what age group you're with will not change if you've been at Near South. For Northeast, be sure to reply to Hannah's survey about what age room you would like serve in now.

Please plan to arrive at 9:40 am on the Sundays that you serve. This will give the point people (Jenae, Stephanie, or Chelsea) time to give everyone a quick debrief on the rooms, what toys to use/not use, bathroom set up, etc. before the kids begin to arrive.

You'll begin to see schedule requests in Planning Center coming your way again soon. Please respond to these in a timely manner as we begin to build back up to being planned 2-3 months in advance.

Feel free to reach out to Jenae Tegtmeier or Stephanie Vadnais or Chelsea Bates with any questions!

Reminder: Tomorrow is Moving and Cleaning Day!

Thank you to all those who have worked hard at packing this week.  We've gotten so much done!  Many thanks to everyone who donated boxes too.  We've received more than enough at this point!  

Just a reminder: we'll be loading up, moving most stuff out, and cleaning tomorrow morning (12/9), beginning at 9am at both Near South and Northeast.

We can use as many hands as possible to help with the move.  A pizza lunch will be provided for those helping!

Reminder for anyone helping at Near South: extra vacuums, mops, and rags will be helpful to make the cleaning portion go quicker.