Final Service at 15th and South + Help Moving

This Sunday, December 31st, will be our final service held at 15th and South.  It will also be our first Sunday morning of the recombined 2 Pillars Northeast and 2 Pillars Near South congregations!  A couple of reminders for Sunday:

  1. Service is at 10am
  2. We'll be worshiping Family Style (no children's ministry)

Lastly, at this point it looks like we'll be loading up all of our auditorium chairs on a moving truck immediately following the service.  We have a few other things that need to be loaded up and moved that day as well.  Please dress warm and plan to help for 30 minutes or so following the service.

We'll also need help unloading the chairs out at our storage location so if you can follow along to help on that end, it would be much appreciated too.