All Hands on Deck for Moving & Cleaning

As we prepare to exit our building at 15th and South as well as our 2PC Northeast office space on Havelock Avenue, we've slotted Saturday, December 9th, and Sunday, December 10th, as two days for moving the majority of stuff into storage in prep for going mobile in January.

Prior to December 9th, our aim is to have most areas packed up.  We'll then have a large moving truck rented and ready to load beginning Saturday morning (the 9th) at 9am at 15th and South.  We can use as many hands as possible to help with the move.  We'll likely be at it most of the day so come and go as you need to.  We're planning to rent the moving truck through Sunday so if we don't get done on Saturday, we will plan to finish on Sunday afternoon.

We'll also be cleaning that weekend so if moving isn't your thing, please come to help clean!