Interview with an Outlaw

The U.S. men's national soccer team has advanced to the knock-out round of the World Cup, surviving the "Group of Death." They face Belgium this afternoon at 3:00pm.

If you're in Lincoln and looking for a place to watch today's game, let me suggest that you make a trip to the Haymarket and watch it with the American Outlaws at Barry's Bar and Grill. You simply won't find a better atmosphere in our city and, even if you wouldn't describe yourself as a soccer fan, this is an experience worth having at least once. 

The Outlaws, founded right here in Lincoln, typically call Captain Jack's Bar home. Due to popular demand, however, they've moved their watch parties temporarily to accommodate exceptionally large crowds U.S. soccer fans for the World Cup.  

I recently sat down with long-time American Outlaw, Scott Butler, to talk about the AO community and what to expect at their watch parties:

How long have you been a part of the American Outlaws?

Six years. 

As someone who is from the city of Lincoln, how significant is it that the American Outlaws were founded in Lincoln?

You can just chalk it up as another great thing about Lincoln. It means a lot and it’s kind of fun going around from game to game and city to city. First questions are: 1) Where are you from? 2) How many games have you been to?

When you say Lincoln people are like, “That’s awesome! Thank you! You’re one of those guys who helped start everything.”

I’d be an American Outlaw no matter where I was from, too.

What is like to be a part of the American Outlaws community here in Lincoln?

It’s a bunch of happiness, high fives, and rallying around one certain cause that we all believe in.

It’s truly like a second family to me. You have your family, you have your friends, but every game you can count on receiving those texts from your buddies beforehand: “Hey, are you going to Captain Jack’s for the game?” It’s a great community. Great people. Always a kind-hearted, open bunch. It’s always something you can rely on—every game day. 

So Captain Jack’s is home base?

Home base! Where it all started.

Describe the atmosphere at Captain Jacks on a game day.

Electric and infectious. It grabs ahold of you—it’s so much fun. Everyone staring at the TVs, so intensely. They know the starting lineup. They know who’s playing. 

I bet it’s a little intimidating for people who have come for the first time. And that’s why we try to have an open arms attitude about it, too. The game is a serious matter while it’s on, the hour before and the hour after are just as much fun though. 

It’s a lot of fun!

What would you say to someone who isn’t a fan of soccer about going down to Barry’s for the World Cup Watch party?

Give it a chance. Just give it a chance. Come have a beer and watch some soccer. You’re going to enjoy it. It’s dang near impossible not to—unless you’re a fun hater. 

Which is your favorite moment watching a game with the Outlaws? 

My favorite first-hand experience would have to be last September in Columbus, OH when we beat Mexico by the once-again famous score of “dos a cero.” 

If someone is interested in checking out the American Outlaws, how would they find you for a World Cup game and how would they join?

During the World Cup, they’re having their viewing parties at Barry’s, but any other U.S. Soccer game, c’mon down to Captain Jack’s. 

I could tell you all about the website, I could tell you all about how to sign up, how to get your membership scarf and all that, but before you do any of that come down and just watch a game. You’ll always be welcome. You’ll always have a good time.