Good Food

Buffalo Wings and Rings

I’m not sure the phrase “bad day” can ever be appropriately used to describe a sixty-degree afternoon in January, but last Sunday did its very best to earn that moniker.

It started out with such promise. Not only was it nice enough to play Ultimate Frisbee, which normally requires a vacation to Florida this time of year, but it was also the last weekend of the NFL Playoffs.

Championship Sunday is ordinarily one of my favorite days of the sports calendar because it is the last day for almost eight months where there will be more than one football game. Unfortunately for me, I’m not sure I have ever hated two football teams more than I hate New England and Seattle, who will now face off in a Super Bowl that will, at best, give me time to start filing my taxes while I wait for the commercials to come back on.

The one positive of the day is that while the Patriots were beating the Colts, deflating footballs, and generally being pains in my behind, I was enjoying both the atmosphere and the food at Buffalo Wings and Rings.

Buffalo Wings and Rings definitely isn’t Buffalo Wild Wings. I know that now. Was anyone else confused by that? No? Never mind.

Located between Rule G and Vega right off Canopy Street in the Railyard, Buffalo Wings and Rings is a fixture of one of the best entertainment districts Lincoln has to offer. If the weather is nice, you can watch the game outside on a plasma screen roughly the size of my apartment, if the weather is cold you can go ice skating. If the weather is like it was last Sunday, you can do both.

While wings are definitely the specialty of the establishment, Buffalo Wings and Rings has a lot more good non-wing options than Buffalo Wild Wings. As if to overwhelm me with viable choices, they offer two kinds of bacon cheeseburger, chicken tenders, and a gyro that is “more popular than you’d think, for a place that mainly serves wings.”

As a sports fan, Buffalo Wings and Rings doesn’t leave a lot to be desired. With most traditional domestic beers on tap, more televisions than I could count, and $2.00 off pitchers on Sundays, it really is a phenomenal place to watch football.

Both times I’ve been there—last Monday during college football’s National Championship Game, and Sunday for the AFC Championship Game—the game I was there to watch was the only game on, but my feeling is that they probably mix it up a bit more on normal night. It is also perhaps worth mentioning that in both cases, my party was able to stay for the entirety of the game we had come to see without our waiter being awkward about it, which isn’t as much of a forgone conclusion as you might think.

Buffalo Wings and Rings offer 69-cent wings on Tuesday nights, and kids under the age of ten eat free on Mondays. They also have an ongoing non-sports-related trivia challenge you can participate in while you wait for your food to come, if sports isn’t your thing.

My verdict is that this might be the best place I’ve tried since I started writing these, even if parking in that part of downtown has a tendency to be an absolute hellscape. My only hope is that next time I go there, a domestic draw and a bacon cheeseburger won’t be consolation for another Super Bowl appearance by the Seahawks.

Photo by Chris Lexow

Ploughshare Brewing Company

...Share the Bounty.

There aren’t many things I enjoy more than sharing a good meal with good friends. 

This being said, my husband and I recently stumbled upon Ploughshare Brewing Company. Ploughshare is the new pub on the block. They opened for business in July of this year, and they have been going strong ever since. 

Ploughshare is a microbrewery pub that serves amazing pub style foods seven days a week from 4pm to midnight (kids welcome until 9) at 1630 P Street. They even hold trivia night on Tuesdays at 7.

Not sure what this looks like? Imagine Mumford & Sons owned a pub; that is the vibe Ploughshare is putting out.

Upon entering Ploughshare, patrons are greeted with reclaimed wood walls and a relaxed atmosphere. Not sure what this looks like? Imagine Mumford & Sons owned a pub; that is the vibe Ploughshare is putting out. You won’t find any televisions in the place, just people gathered on wood benches having good conversations and great beer. There are tables and booths for parties of all sizes along with an upstairs loft with large tables. Educational tours are offered for $5 per person, which includes a customized Ploughshare glass and a free pint. 

Like a traditional pub, beer and food are ordered at the bar. 


Ploughshare offers a rotation of 12 craft beers on tap. On our venture, several people tried the Tailgate Red Irish Ale among others and dubbed it their favorite. My husband tried the Farm Boy Cream Ale and said it felt like he was punched in the throat. So, if you are into hoppy beer, try the Farm Boy, otherwise go with the Tailgate Red. Also, the Smithy American Export Stout will be added to the tap rotation mid December.


For me, the food was the star at Ploughshare. Not only are all the selections made from scratch in house, but also the ingredients are sourced from all over Nebraska. Soups, bratwurst, and lasagna make an appearance on the menu, as well as vegetarian and vegan options for picky people such as myself. For our first trip, my husband and I split the vegetarian lasagna, butternut squash curry soup, as well as a handmade pretzel with mustard aioli. The portions were great and the flavors were even better. To be honest, carbs are my favorite food group. But truly, the pretzel was delicious. The aioli mustard had a little bite but was a perfect pairing for the firm yet moist salted pretzel.