Parking at Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

Piedmont Park SDA Parking

This Sunday we'll be gathering for worship at Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church for the first time. This will be our temporary home on Sunday mornings until we move into our more permanent home at 40th and Sheridan this Spring. 

Parking at Piedmont Park is available in three different lots. In addition to the main church parking lot (green in map above), parking is available in the Bryan Hospital open parking lot to the Cotner side of the church (blue in the map above). Parking is also available in the lot by the Montessori School building across 48th Street to the west of the church building (orange in the map above).

If you are able, please consider parking across the street in the Montessori School or Bryan Hospital lots in order to reserve enough space in the main parking lot for guests, those with small children, latecomers, etc.

Finally, please keep the lanes to the north and south of the church clear except to unload. 

I'm looking forward to worshipping with you on Sunday. See you then!