Gospel Community

In addition to our Sunday morning worship gatherings, we also gather throughout the city throughout the week in what we call Gospel Communities (GCs). GCs are central to what we do and how we relate with one another as a church.

In our Gospel Communities we seek to live out the gospel, in community and on mission. 

Primary Gathering

Each week our Gospel Communities meet in what we call Primary Gatherings. These are regular, scheduled, weekly gatherings in which we come together to study God’s Word as a Gospel Community.  All GCs typically work through the same thing – namely, the passage that was preached the prior Sunday Gathering. In our Primary Gatherings we learn to grow in our knowledge of the gospel, our understanding of the gospel, and our application of the gospel to our lives.


Our Gospel Communities are not simply small groups or in-home Bible studies. We set out to live life together, extend and model grace to one another, and practice the “one anothers” of Scripture. This is regular and irregular, scheduled and unscheduled. It may include gathering at the pub, watching a football game together, meeting over coffee or tea, gathering weekly for a shared meal, a play date with kids, going to a concert together, painting a GC member’s house, helping someone move, comforting them in a difficult time or rejoicing with them in a time of celebration.


In addition to living in community, we also purpose to live out our missionary identities as God's sent people together. Each Gospel Community comes together on a regular basis with the end goal of building relationships with a specific people in a specific place in order to show and tell the good news of the gospel of Jesus.

In our Gospel Communities we seek to live out the gospel, in community and on mission.

Interested in Learning More or Joining a Gospel Community?

There are three ways to learn more about Gospel Communities or express interest in joining one. 

  1. Fill out a Connection Card at a Sunday morning worship gathering and indicate your interest by checking the appropriate box.
  2. Attend a Mission & Vision Meeting where  we discuss Gospel Communities in-depth. You will also have the chance to meet one or more of our GC leaders.
  3. Fill out our Gospel Community Interest Form by clicking the button below.

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