Church Planters Roundtable

The Church Planters Roundtable is an event designed with efficiency, impact, busy calendars, and tight budgets in mind. It’s like a conference where you are not only an attendee, but also a featured speaker.

The Roundtable is a coming together of like-minded pastors and church planters with a common goal in mind: exchange ideas and learn from one another as we set out to plant and mature churches and reach the lost for Christ.


Bob Thune, Lead Pastor of Coram Deo Church Community in Omaha, NE, will be moderating roundtable discussions.

Bob led a small band of people to envision and plant the Coram Deo Church Community in the fall of 2005. He’s the leader of leaders within Coram Deo: preaching, vision, church planting, leadership development, theological formation. He also helps the broader work of church-planting by serving on the boards of the Acts 29 Network and the Porterbrook Network.

Read more on the Coram Deo website.


This two-day event will put leaders in the same room for a number of moderated discussions about a wide range of topics. This list of topics will be set by those in attendance and will provide everyone with opportunities to speak from areas of strength on the one hand and learn in areas of weakness or inexperience on the other.

Possible topics include:

  • Leadership development
  • Raising up and installing elders/deacons
  • Volunteers and internships
  • Paid staff vs. volunteer staff
  • Becoming a church planting church
  • Community groups
  • Systems and structures (e.g. assimilation)
  • Bearing the counseling load
  • Mission and evangelism (e.g. overcoming inward focus)
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Mornings and afternoons will consist of structured and moderated discussions while the evening will provide a more casual setting to allow for organic discussions and connections to take place.

Date and Time?

Begins: 12:00pm on Tuesday, August 12

Ends: 4:00pm on Wednesday, August 13.

Since the effectiveness of this event depends upon attendees as participants, we do ask that you do your best to stay for the entire event. We are able to provide host homes on either Monday or Wednesday nights, if needed.


The registration deadline for the Roundtable is July 18.


The Roundtable will be hosted by 2 Pillars Church in Lincoln, NE.



Registration Fee: The event is free to attend.

Lodging: Optional. Host homes will be provided by the 2 Pillars community upon request. If you prefer to stay in a hotel, we are happy to offer you suggestions.

This reduces the cost of attendance to travel and food only.

Questions? Let us know.

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