2PC Planning Toolbox

Welcome to the 2 Pillars Church event and project planning page. 

If you would like to propose and/or plan a project, event, idea, or vision in/for/through the 2 Pillars body or using the 2 Pillars name, then this page is your first step to that end.

A Note About Philosophy of Ministry

As a church, we do two things:

  • We gather corporately to worship on Sunday mornings.
  • We gather throughout the City throughout the week in Gospel Communities.

That's it.

Ninety percent of everything we do takes place in or through one of these two settings. Therefore, 2 Pillars doesn't have additional “ministries” outside of Gospel Communities (GC). If there is a people, place, or cause that you are passionate about reaching or engaging, then we recommend that you do so within the context of a GC.

If you are not a member of a GC, then you should talk to a 2 Pillars member or elder about how to be connected with one. 

If you are already a member of a GC, then you should consider bringing the idea to your GC leader for consideration first. 

If, for some reason, your idea is not best implemented within the context of your current GC (e.g. does not fit with GC's shared mission focus), then you might consider gathering a new GC around your idea or vision. Talk with an elder for more information. 

Rarely, it is appropriate and acceptable for an idea or vision to be implemented for/by the church at-large. If you think you have the exception to this rule, then you may proceed with proposal submission process. Please do not do so, however, without first strongly considering whether this might somehow fit within the context of a Gospel Community. 

Event and Project Planning “Plumb Lines”

Now, let's lay out some guidelines:

  • All events and project proposals must be reviewed by the elders of 2 Pillars Church before moving forward to active planning or implementation.
  • As Christ's ambassadors, all 2 Pillars events and projects should be done with excellence. 
  • All deadlines should be respected.

Submission & Review Process

In order to submit a proposal for review, please click on the "PROPOSE AN IDEA" button above and complete the corresponding form. 

Once received, your proposal will be reviewed by the elders. You should received a response in approximately two weeks. 

Promotion and Deadlines

All promotional content is subject to approval and editing. 

The City

Text and graphics for all posts to the "2 Pillars Church" group on The City must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to desired posting date.

Posts to "The Neighborhood" may be shared via your Gospel Community's group on The City.

Requests for side-bar ads on The City must be received a minimum of four weeks in advance due to graphic design needs. 

Worship Guide

Text for Worship Guide announcements must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to desired posting date. Announcements will be published no more than two weeks prior to event date. 

There is a 80-word limit for Worship Guide announcements.

Graphic Design 

Graphic design needs must be detailed and submitted a minimum of four weeks in advance. 

Social Media

If you would like to promote your idea via the 2 Pillars Church social media accounts, your content and proposed timing of content publishing should be received a minimum of two weeks prior to posting date.


If you would like a page on the 2 Pillars Church website to be built, then all content and page needs must be received three weeks in advance. 


Printing is available, but special permission is required due to budget constraints. 

Sunday Morning

All requests for Sunday morning promotion (e.g. announcements, preservice slides) must be received a minimum of three weeks in advance.